Want  to experience unconditional love?

Nothing like being at home. Why? You feel safe, secure, and comfortable being yourself. You don’t have to “put on a show” or try to be part of the latest  clique. Your value is not determined by how much talent you have or how much money you donate. Imagine for a moment being able to speak your mind, ask any questions, and have someone respond with compassion and unconditional love. At Generation Grace, you will not experience condemnation or judgment by someone beating you over the head with biblical theology. We will “break it down” in a way you can really understand. We are a supportive group of friends you can confide in.  We have no agenda except seeing your best days ahead.

Generation Grace is not a traditional church, it’s a movement: a  movement a away from self-help religion and traditions of men. We will journey together to find our true purpose in life. Come, join the movement. Its, guaranteed to be the adventure of a lifetime.

Generation Grace is a non-profit VA licensed ministry and is not affiliated with any specific denomination. We have incredible relationships with many local churches and pastors from around the world whom we highly respect and support. We believe we are all on the same team working together to accomplish God’s will on this earth.

We are currently meeting at an old restored barn office at 4423 Grove lane in Marshall VA.

Our Mission

To create a movement to advance the non-legalistic Gospel of Grace message with practical teachings studied in context  without the “traditions of men”.


Contact us to learn more about Generation Grace.