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I kissed a goat!

He said “I love you more”

Hyper Grace for me!

Progressive Revelation

You’re not a pig!

betrayed, yet loved

how to love with a broken heart

I had a major identity crisis

Its show-time baby

Stop Tithing to be blessed (part 2)

Stop Tithing to be blessed

Temptation is not a sin

We all need Sinner Friends

Simple explanation of Old & New Covenants

Do you know God’s will for your life?

Have you fallen from Grace?

Simple explanation about the Holy Spirit

Do you really know me?

Thats not my Father

Stop Tithing to be blessed

Communion explained

its you

Salvation secured?

Colassians 1

john 20-21

john 19

john 17-18

john 11-12

john 9-10

john 7-8

john 5-6

john 3-4

John 1&2



life sucks

You’re that Woman

Devil didn’t do it

Connie (Elija)

Galatians 4-6

Bill Woolf

Galatians 1-3

Peters Story

What the Gospel is not may surprise you

Can a Believer lose thier salvation?

Your answer will determine your destiny

Connie Rogers Stand your Ground

Katie Rogers Story

Growing in Grace

Grace changes you

What can hinder a healing (part 4)

How to receive a healing (part 3)

Healing God’s will? (part 2)

Healing God’s will? (part 1)

What’s your Story?

Mike Slack Story

Missing ingredient

made for eternity

what really happened on the cross

Power of just one

The day before everything changed

Need a Miracle?

Why do forgiven people still go to hell?

Truth about Backsliding

What is speaking in tongues?

What is a Christian?

Are we forgiven?

Are you living in fear?

No worries, we are all equal in God’s eyes

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